4 Steps To “Adios, Acne!”

1) Prevention

Acne on the forehead, cheeks, neck? Switch hair care and styling products. Bumps on the chin, jawline or around the mouth? Try a halogen-free toothpaste. And choose makeup that won’t clog or irritate your pores. We suggest: Essence Superwash Hair & Body Shampoo, Essence Skin-Saving Conditioner, Essence Skin-Saving Toothpaste.

Clockwise from left: Skinthusiasm for Superwash (Harper’s Bazaar, Singapore), Conditioner (Misses, Japan), Toothpaste (Brigitte Mom, Germany).

2) Daily Regimen

A gentle scrub, treatment toner, spot treatment and sunscreen. We suggest: Id Anti-Acne Scrub, Toner, Monolaurin Gel (or get them all in the travel-sized Complete Clarifying Kit), plus Armada 30 Sun + Light Screen.


Left to right: Skinthusiasm for the Id regimen Complete Clarifying Kit from a fan on Instagram, and Armada Sun + Light Screen (Estilo, Mexico).

3) Procedure

Deep cleaning helps keep pores clear and increases treatment efficacy. We suggest: a Blemish Buster Facial, monthly and a Glycolic Acid Peel every few months. If you have cystic acne, see a dermatologist.


Our Club Scrub and Blemish Buster facials, and our Answer Back! “bacne” service, are like getting a professional cleaning at the dentist’s…except instead of tough plaque, you’re purging pore-cloggers. Call (212) 217-2762 or (415) 255-9510 to book your deep cleaning today.

4) Lifestyle

…think anti-inflammatory. Get 7-8 hours of sleep a night. Control stress (meditate, yoga, whatever). No junk food (none). Yes to fish, fresh fruits & veggies. Daily exercise (helps with the stress thing, too).


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  1. People normally focus on number 1-3 little do we know number 4 is life-changing! Will def share these to my friends! 🙂

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