Sunscreen Isn't Just For Summer (And Your Laptop Could Be Causing Your Dark Spots)

Sunscreen isn’t a summer thing.

It’s as daily a must as brushing your teeth: both help you look great and prevent serious damage!

You’re not out frolicking in the sun? It’s important to remember that sun damage is cumulative — every bit of exposure adds up. Your skin doesn’t “reset” when you’re back in the shade (and UVA is present on cloudy days). The little bit of sun you’re exposed to when walking from the arrival terminal to your car, or crossing the street for your morning latte, adds to whatever damage occurred while beach baking last year (it’s why a bad sunburn in childhood can increase the risk of melanoma…the risk doubles, on average, with more than five sunburns). Applying sunscreen every day ensures you’re protected from accidental exposure.


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  1. HUHU. I think I know why my face is hurting too much right now. I was advised to get as much sunlight as I can, didn’t anticipate that even the sunlight behind those windows counts. Not quiet sure it is a yey or a meh 🙁

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