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MANGO: Allergen or Not An Allergen?

Ā Allergen.

Ā Mango, even when completely natural, fresh and organic, is a common allergen. The oil on its rind, leaves, and bark are similar to poison ivy and related plants. People allergic to it find that eating or just handling mangoes can cause a rash on the hands, lips, and aroundĀ the mouth. Extracts added to skincare can causeĀ similar rashes. But just because mango isĀ a common allergen doesn’t meanĀ you’reĀ allergic to it.Ā If you’re not sure, or if you think you might have contact dermatitis, ask your dermatologist for aĀ patch test.

Regularly published reportsĀ on the most common allergens by theĀ North American Contact Dermatitis GroupĀ andĀ European Surveillance System on Contact AllergiesĀ (based on over 28,000 patch test results, combined), plus other studies.Ā Remember, we are all individuals ā€” just because an ingredient is not on the most common allergen lists does not mean you cannot be sensitive to it, or that it will not become an allergen. These references, being based on so many patch test results, are a good basisĀ but it is always best to get a patch test yourself.

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